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When arriving in Denmark – CPR registration

When you arrive in Denmark, you must visit Citizen Service personally and report your entry. For information about what to do when arriving in Denmark, please read the sections below.

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COVID-19: Please see The Ministry of Foreign Affairs´ website for current instructions.

CPR Registration

When you move to Denmark, you must visit Citizen Service personally to notify us about your arrival. Among other things, you need to bring a completed entry form which you can find in the right-hand column.

Once you are registered as a resident in Denmark, you receive a CPR number (Central Person Registration). Your CPR number is your personal identification number and is, among other things, used for any contact with the Danish authorities.

Book appointment at Citizen Service

When visiting Citizen Service, you must book an appointment in advance. It is not possible to visit Citizen Service without a reservation. Use the link under self-service in the right-hand column. When you book your appointment on the reservation-site, you will be able to see what kind of documentation you need to bring.

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