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Aalborg Municipality now offers an app, called BorgerApp, that will make it easier for citizens to use the public digital self-service solutions and find out where to enquire at the municipality.

By using BorgerApp, you can now view Aalborg Municipality’s digital self-service solutions directly on your phone or tablet. BorgerApp helps you with the most general inquiries to the municipality – digitally and at hand. In that way, you have access to digital service 24 hours a day”, Dorthe Jespersgaard, Head of Citizen Service in Aalborg Municipality, explains. 

BorgerApp is a new tool that gives access to a large number of digital solutions on the internet. For instance, citizens can use the app to notify a change of address, apply for housing benefit, order a passport, change doctor or something elseThey can also easily check when the waste dumping centers are open or book an appointment with Citizen Service. Furthermore, the app has a function that provides citizens with a readily accessible overview of where to enquire at the municipality as well as its contact information.  

Digital and modern service offering 

“We notice that citizens acquire more and more digital competences. We also know that young people mostly use their phones while the older people tend to use a tablet. At the same time, we as a municipality would like to offer modern service offerings, which is why the BorgerApp is a good solution that we hope our citizens will welcomeDorthe Jespersgaard states and adds that staff members at Citizen Service are ready to help with installing it if necessary    

However, it is easy for citizens to get access to the free BorgerApp. They just need to download it in App Store or Google Play and choose a municipality the first time they open it. The app is safe to use and do not save any entered information.  

End up at the right place with BorgerApp 

Several municipal service offerings are becoming obligatory digital these daysHence, citizens must in general notify change of address and other initiatives by themselves online. The BorgerApp makes it easy and convenient for the individual to use the digital self-service solutions and request assistance to complete them.  

One of the citizens who have already tried the new BorgerApp is Maja, who is 66 years old and lives in Aalborg Municipality. She states that the app could have been useful when she had to order a new passport as she had difficulties in finding the necessary information.  

Therefore, Maja sees an obvious advantage in the new app. “It is great that you don’t have to come over here [Citizen Service] all the time. You waste your own time when you have to spend several days at one, a second and a third place.”    

Get direct links to relevant information 

Lately, Maja and her husband have considered changing doctor which she now wants to do by using the BorgerApp. “I can easily do that. I don’t think that will be a problem.” Therefore, she has no doubt that she will use the app frequently. She adds to this, “I will spread the word to my family. I also know that our neighbors will appreciate the app.”  

By using the BorgerApp, it is even quick to access information again and share it with acquaintances. Citizens can namely use the function of sharing to send a direct link to relevant pages by SMS or mail.  

Facts about the BorgerApp: 

  • BorgerApp works on both smartphones and tablets that use Android, iOS or Windows 

  • You can find it in App Store or Google Play on your phone or tablet – see link under Self-service 

  • If you need help to download BorgerApp, then you can contact the Digital Hotline 

  • The app is free to download and use, and there are no ads  

If you want digital service at hand, then download the municipality’s new BorgerApp.

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