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School and education

In Denmark, there is compulsory education for all children between the ages of 6 and 16. This obligation comes into effect on 1 August of the calendar year in which the child turns six.

Primary school

The parents decide whether the education will take place at a public school, where the education is free, or at a private school, where the parents pay a fee for the education. The parents can also teach the child at home, as long as certain requirements are satisfied. It is the education and not the actual school attendance that is mandatory.

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School enrolment

You must enrol your child in the month of January in the year in which he/she is to begin school. You will be contacted by the local primary school and receive information about how to enrol your child. If you need to enrol your child during the course of a school year, you must contact the Board of Education.

All children in Aalborg Municipality are affiliated with a particular school, called the district school. In principle, a child is entitled to enrol at the district school. However, if your child requires support in his/her native language, the child may be referred to a different school.
It is the child's registered address that determines the district school for your child. Contact the Board of Education to find out which school is your child's district school.

Open enrolment

In principle, there is free choice of schools. You may choose another school if it has an opening for your child and can provide the necessary support in your child's native language. To do so, you must contact the school, which will decide whether it is possible.

Earlier or later school debut

Most children start school when they turn six. A child may begin earlier, however, if he/she turns five before 1 October, and it is believed that the child will be able to follow along in the instruction. A child can also wait a year before starting in school if he or she is not ready. You must contact the Board of Education if you would like your child to start either earlier or later in school.

School procedure for international children

The municipal schools do not provide an international curriculum taught in English. However, international families can expect ten principles to be carried out in the school located in the district area in which they live. Find the school in your district by entering your address in this link:

Find the school in your district area  (Unfortunately the link only exists in Danish)

Public schools in the municipality of Aalborg (Unfortunately the link only exists in Danish)

Every international child with a CPR-number will be taken care of. Each school seeks to include these international children in the everyday life of the school. Teachers with the competence of teaching Danish as a second language will guide and support the start in the new Danish school for both children and parents.  

International parents can contact the school in the district area they live. Parents are also free to choose a school outside the district, but here they are not guaranteed acceptance.

If the child still doesn’t have a CPR-number yet, the family can still contact the school and the school will most likely be helpful. However, international families without CPR-numbers cannot expect all ten principles to be carried out.

1. All children are enrolled as a starting point at the district school

2. All young people aged 14 and over are enrolled either at the district school or at UngAUC

3. District School is responsible for providing reception facilities for students in need of basic education and Danish as a second language (DSL/DSA).

4. Attempts are made for bilingual students enrolled at the district school to receive maximum offer for 12 months

5. All employees have the opportunity to receive professional guidance, coaching and competence development as required

6. At selected schools, special skills are built and maintained within the academic field

7. Resources follow the bilingual students who need DSL/DSA and are distributed according to their objective criteria

8. The funds will be allocated to work with children and young people whose emotional challenges require special interventions

9. A special focus is placed on parents involvement and integration of families in the school life

10. The district school works with partner programs for bilingual students


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After-school care

The school's after-school care is an educational service for children from kindergarten through 3rd grade.

Children can come here both before and after school. The staff makes sure that they get to class on time and that they make it back after school and are present. You arrange with the staff when your child may come and go.


Weekdays from 7 a.m. - 5 p.m. In some locations, however, these hours are adapted to local needs. Therefore, you should check the opening hours on the school's website.

After-school care is also open on weekdays when the schools are closed. It does close, however, for two weeks during summer holiday.


DKK 1,692 per month (2021)

DKK 1,726 per month (2022)

The month of July is free of charge.

Discount for siblings

You automatically get a sibling discount if you have more than 1 child in the municipal childcare, kindergarten or after-school care (DUS). This means that you pay the full price for the most expensive enrolment and half price for subsequent enrolments.

Free enrolment

You are entitled to free enrolment if your annual household income (gross income minus labour market contribution) is less than DKK 187.901. You are entitled to partial free enrolment (reduced price) if your household income is less than DKK 583.700.

Contact the Board of Education if you wish to apply for free enrolment.

Enrolment and withdrawal

You must contact the Board of Education when you wish to enrol or withdraw your child. 

Note that one month's advance notice of withdrawal given at the end of the month is required. This means that if you give notice of withdrawal on 15 February, for instance, it will become effective on 1 April.

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