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When marrying, both you and your partner must complete a notice of marriage, so the municipality can verify that you satisfy the conditions for entering into marriage.

The notice of marriage should be used regardless of whether you are getting married in a church or at the city hall.

On the page "Conditions for marriage", you can read about the conditions for marriage if either of you has been married before, you are under age 18 or you are in doubt about whether you satisfy the conditions for marriage.

Conditions for marriage

Here you can fill in a notice of marriage and send it digitally to Borgerservice (Citizen Service), located at Rantzausgade 6 in Aalborg.

Apply for marriage - notice of marriage

In Aalborg Municipality, the processing of a marriage application typically takes approx. three weeks.

Rantzausgade 6, 9000 Aalborg

Write to Borgerservice
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