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In case of emergency

In case of an emergency call Fire-fighting service, North Jutland Police or 112 for help and assistance.

Fire-fighting service

Nordjyllands Beredskab is responsible for fire fighting in Aalborg Municipality and our emergency services are always ready to react, day or night. Beredskabscenter Aalborg are called in case of:

  • Fire
  • Contamination
  • Personal rescue
  • Traffic accident
  • Explosion
  • Aviation accidents
  • Maritime accidents, etc.

Contact Nordjyllands Beredskab

Contact Nordjyllands Beredskab Aalborg in connection with fire, accident and disasters. In emergency situations, dial 112.

Nordjyllands Beredskab
Thomas Boss Gade 6, 9000 Aalborg
Tel. 9813 3900


Contact the North Jutland Police in connection with crime, burglary etc.

Nordjyllands Politi
Jyllandsgade 27
9000 Aalborg
Tel.: 9630 1448 or 114

You can read more about the North Jutland Police


Call 112 in case of an emergency situation, including accident, crime, fire, medical emergency, etc.

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