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Environment and energy supply

Aalborg Forsyning supplies gas, heating and water to residents.

In addition, they manage the collection of waste in the entire municipality as well as its waste water. They also run six recycling centres, which residents are free to use. 



If you live in a rental, you should know that tenants typically pay for electricity and gas themselves. Therefore, it is important that you read your meter on moving in and on moving out.

Water and heating is usually included in your rent. If in doubt, ask your lessor.

Owner occupancy

If you own your own home, you will be charged for electricity, water, heating, garbage collection, sewage and gas. On selling the property, it is important to read any relevant meters, such as those for electricity, water, heat and gas when moving in and out.

If you rent out your home, you should know that the tenant is only responsible for paying the heating and gas, and water, sewage and garbage collection is charged to the owner.

Annual reading

Once a year you must read your meters, so we can detect and correct any errors in the system. In addition, the reading is used to create your annual statement. You will receive the reading slip from your provider.

If you have a gas meter, you only need to note down the black numbers on the meter in m3 (cubic metres).

Water and heating is stated in m3, while electricity is stated in kWh.


You pay for your consumption four times a year on account. Your on account bill is based on anticipated consumption for three months. Once a year, you will receive a statement based on your annual reading.

Questions concerning gas, water, heating, garbage collection and sewage:

Aalborg Forsyning
Tel. 9982 8299

Questions concerning electricity:

Tel. 7015 1560


Recycling centres

There are six recycling centres in Aalborg Municipality. All kinds of domestic waste may be deposited - with the exception of refuse. You may use all of the containers; just drive up to the relevant one.

As a resident of the municipality, you can use the following waste collection arrangements:

Refuse collection
Refuse includes, e.g. spoiled food or food scraps, milk cartons, pizza boxes, ordinary light bulbs, diapers, hygiene waste and soiled paper. Refuse is collected from all residencies in bags/containers. Collection takes place every week in urban zones and every 14 days elsewhere. You must have registered for the municipal refuse collection scheme. You must ensure that you are registered for the volume corresponding to the production by your household. 

Not counted as refuse

Clean cardboard and paper, glass, metal, electronics, hard plastic, chemicals, garden refuse and small combustibles are not counted as refuse.

Collection of cardboard, paper and small combustibles

If you live in the city

All houses and town houses have received a wheeled plastic container for paper and cardboard. The container is emptied about every month. The same day, we collect small combustibles, which is waste that cannot be recycled and which is neither refuse nor hazardous waste. Both the plastic container and small combustibles should be brought to the curb before 6 a.m. on collection day.

If you live in a block of flats, you can use one of the many paper containers located nearby. The paper container is either a cube container or a red mini container.

If you live in a rural area

All houses and town houses have received a wheeled plastic container for paper and cardboard. The container is emptied about every other month. The container should be brought to the curb before 6 a.m. on collection day. Our garbage truck must be able to drive up to it, and the truck must be able to turn around.

Deposit your bottles

Cube containers are situated throughout Aalborg Municipality for the collection of bottles and other clean glass containers. They are generally found at shopping centres, stores and larger blocks of flats. The containers must not be used to deposit broken glass and half-filled bottles.

Deposit your cans

Cans not covered by the Danish deposit and return system may be deposited in the blue cubes located throughout the municipality. It is important that the cans are not thrown into the garbage. The cans can also be deposited at recycling centres, together with other small metal items.

Have your garbage collected at home

If you are unable to drive to the recycling centre yourself with your things, you can arrange for garbage collection services to come get them. We collect, e.g. large combustibles (sofas, shelves), large metal and iron objects (bicycles, prams) and large electronic devices (washing machines, computers, television sets, etc.).

You can have garbage collected in this way a maximum of 4 times a year.

Deposit hazardous waste and electronics with your caretaker.

Garbage collection services offer a special service for the collection of hazardous waste and small electronic devices from housing associations. When an agreement exists with your housing association, you can deliver hazardous waste and electronics to your caretaker. Ask your caretaker if the association is covered by this scheme.

What is hazardous waste and where should you deposit it

Leftover paint, oil, chemicals, batteries and unused medicines are all examples of hazardous waste that can harm the environment if it is not handled and disposed of properly. Therefore, you must never deposit it in nature or with other waste. You can deliver your hazardous waste to a recycling centre or to your caretaker.

Aalborg Forsyning
Tel. 9982 8299


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