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Culture and leisure

Aalborg Municipality has many cultural and recreational offers. This includes libraries, sporting activities, nature areas and cultural events.

Sports and other recreational activities

There are many opportunities to participate in sports and other recreational activities:
Offers in the many non-commercial clubs and associations run by volunteers. Together, these offer many different sports, scouting and hobby-related activities, such as role play. Generally, the activity takes place on a specific day of the week at a fixed time. Target group: Generally, there are associations for all age groups, but this can vary from association to association. Price: Membership fee to the association.

Offers from adult education centres, which offer instruction in gymnastics, yoga, dance, fitness and more. Classes take place on a particular day the week at a fixed time. In addition, adult education centres offer classes on different subjects and lectures, typically in Danish. Price: You pay for a season, which is typically a period of 4-5 months.

Commercial sport and fitness offers, where you attend a class or book a session as needed.

Commercial activities such as bowling, play centres, cinemas and the like (in cinemas, most films are shown in the original language with Danish subtitling).

Municipal libraries, the largest of which is Medborgerhuset

5 swimming baths. You pay an entrance fee.

Opening hours for swimming baths (Danish website, where the first five locations are open to the public)

Municipal skating rink, which is normally open to the public Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from autumn to spring. You pay an entrance fee. Skates are available to rent.

Opening hours for the municipal skating rink and swimming bath at Gigantium

There are outdoor bathing facilities in the summer months two places in Aalborg and in Nibe, 18 km west of Aalborg.

Especially for school children, there are many offers through the schools and as part of Aalborg Municipality's Ungdomsskole (continuation school) and Kulturskole (culture school). Contact the child's school about the opportunities.

More information

For more information about associations, clubs, adult education, swimming baths and skating rinks, contact Fritidsområdet on tel. 9931 4162 or by email:

Things to do in Aalborg

Aalborg offers unique, active city life with plenty of opportunity for cultural discoveries in music, art and more.

Find links to cultural institutions

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The city's many parks and green oases provide plenty of opportunity for relaxation, and at the centre of town is the harbour, with outdoor swimming, a playing field and city garden.

Numerous beautiful nature areas with marked walking paths close to Aalborg, e.g. Lundby Krat and Hammer Bakker.


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