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Bills from the municipality

If you have any questions to a bill that you have received from the municipality, then you must contact the department that has issued the bill.

You can contact Citizen Service if you are unable to pay.

Book an appointment with Citizen Service 

You can contact Citizen Service by phone in our phone opening hours. 

If there is a need for you to appear in person at Citizen Service, then we will schedule an appointment over the phone. 

No entry for citizens without an appointment.  

Din Borgerportal (your Citizen Portal)  

Before you contact Citizen Service, you can log on to ‘Din Borgerportal’ where you can see your unsettled amount to the Municipality of Aalborg.   

Link to ‘Din Borgerportal. 

Debt owed to the municipality 

For some bills, it is possible to be granted an instalment plan.  

Money owed must btendered 

This means that you must actively make sure to pay your bills on time. This applies whether you have received an inpayment form or not (  

The public register of balancing 

The municipality registers all outstanding amounts in the public register of balancing. The purpose of the registration is to provide the basis for balancing/subrogation of payments from the state.  

The authorization to pay in instalments or defer payment does not bar the municipality’s access to carry out balancing of payments from the public sector.     

Promulgation of law about collection of debt to the public authorities §§ 8-9.  

Digital Post – e-Boks 

The Municipality of Aalborg is affiliated with Digital Post and e-Boks on all collection and dunning letters. 

Electronic inpayment forms 

If you are signed up for electronic inpayment forms in your financial institution, then your bills/invoices from the Municipality of Aalborg will be sent electronically to your online bank. You will therefore not receive bills/invoices as regular mail on paper or to your digital mailbox. 

In your online bank, you can approve the payment  all the payee information is filled out in advance with the same information as was it a regular inpayment form. 

You can only sign up for and cancel electronic inpayment forms in your financial institution. 

Electronic inpayment forms are being phased out 

Nets has informed that electronic inpayment forms are being phased out with effect from the 1st of December 2018. This means that your inpayment forms will be sent to your Digital Post. You have the option to register your inpayment forms to Direct Debit. 

Questions to the bills 

If you have any questions to a bill, then you must contact the department that has issued the bill. 

Parking charges 

Inquiries about parking charges must be directed to Parkeringskontrol Nord at (+45) 7011 2223. 

Read more at P-Nord 

Utility charges 

Inquiries about utility charges (gas, heat and water) must be directed to Aalborg Forsyning at (+45) 9982 8299. 

Read more at  

Questions about electricity must be directed to Eniig at (+45) 7015 1670. 

Read more at (in danish)

The Danish Debt Collection Agency 

You must contact the Danish Debt Collection Agency. 

Read more at  

Real estate tax 

A yearly statement for taxes and duties of real estate is sent out annually in January. 

An inpayment form is enclosed with the yearly statement. The yearly statement is sent by Byog Landskabsforvaltningen (the City and Landscape Management). 

The payment must be made to the Municipality of Aalborg. The real estate tax is payable in two instalments: 

The 1st instalment needs to be paid the 1st of February. 

The 2nd instalment needs to be paid the 1st of August. 

Questions concerning real estate tax must be directed by phone at (+45) 9982 8203. 

Questions concerning an increase of fee of rat extermination must be directed to Miljøafdelingen (the Municipal Environmental Unit) at (+45) 9931 2050. 

Read more about real estate tax (in danish) in the Municipality of Aalborg here 

The Danish Parliament has passed that the municipalities must enforce payment as regards real estate tax, other fees and duties connected to a property (privileged claims) from the 2nd of February 2017However, privileged claims sent to collection at the Danish Debt Collection Agency before the 2nd of February will be enforced by SKAT. 

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