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Why choose Aalborg for your business?

We give you the top 10 reasons for choosing Aalborg for your business.

1: A vibrant business community

With 219,000 citizens in the greater municipal area, 23,000 students at Aalborg University, and world class skills in ICT, life sciences, renewable energy, transport, and intelligent logistics, Aalborg is a highly attractive city in which to invest, work, and live. Key facts: 

  • 9,500 companies in a wide range of sectors
  • 1,000 new companies registrated each year
  • 107,000 private and public sector jobs

2: Location, location, location

Aalborg is ideally located for access to Scandinavia and the rest of the European Union. Situated in North Denmark, the city boasts an international airport and port and is located on the E45 motorway network. 

Aalborg is close to the Scandinavian cities of Oslo and Gothenburg, a 45-minute flight away from Copenhagen, and a 85-minute flight away from Amsterdam. 

3: So easy to do business in Aalborg 

  • Denmark is Europe's easiest place to do business, according to the World Bank Doing Business Report 2019.
  • Denmark boasts the lowest corporate tax rate in Scandinavia. 
  • Denmark offers an extremely flexible labour market.
  • English is the Danes' second language. Their proficiency in English ranks at the top in comparison to other European countries. 

4: Competitive operating and living expenses

When selecting the optimal location for your business, Aalborg offers competitive wage levels, rent, building taxes, district heating, and electricity expenses. In addition, the cost of living in Aalborg is lower than in other large cities in Denmark:

Wage levels and cost of living

  • The average wage per hour is 22% lower in Aalborg than in Copenhagen. 
  • 30% higher cost of living in Copenhagen than in Aalborg (consumer prices, including rent).

Operating costs

  • Renting office space in Copenhagen costs about 53% more than it does in Aalborg. 
  • Heating is up to 86% more expensive in Copenhagen than in Aalborg.
  • Electricity costs about 25% less in Aalborg than in Copenhagen.
  • Building taxes are 5.35 per mile in Aalborg, while they amount to 9.80 per mile in Copenhagen.  

5: Strong skills in North Denmark

In North Denmark there are many business opportunities in the sectors of ICT, life sciences, renewable energy, transport, intelligent logistics, etc. Our strong tradition for partnerships among businesses, research institutions and local authorities leads to significant knowledge and experience sharing, which benefits everybody.

For international businesses and investors, these partnerships provide access to cutting-edge research, strong networks, and business opportunities as well as a plethora of highly qualified employees.

6: Access to cutting-edge research - Aalborg University

Aalborg University boasts innovative and internationally focused research, particularly in the areas of energy and ICT.

Key facts: 

  • 23,000 full-time and part-time Danish students
  • 2,700 international students 
  • 850 PhD students
  • 3,000 researchers
  • Ranks as the best European University within engineering
  • Ranks among the most quoted professors in the world

7: Access to qualified employees

When setting up your business in Aalborg, you get access to a highly qualified and motivated talent pool in North Denmark:

  • Multi-lingual - most Danes master English, German, and one or more other Scandinavian languages
  • More than 30,000 students at Aalborg University and University College Nordjylland
  • 22% of residents between the ages of 25 and 34 have a Master degree
  • 21% of those between 25 and 34 have a Bachelor degree  

8: Home sweet home

  • Aalborg is the third largest municipality in Denmark and offers its residents vast cultural, shopping, and leisure opportunities 
  • The pedestrian zone in central Aalborg offers shoppers more than 400 places to shop and eat.
  • Several parks and recreational areas close to the city centre
  • Housing options and neighbourhoods that appeal to different needs and tastes
  • Young and vibrant environment with more than 45,000 students
  • Located close to the sea (North Sea and Kattegat), the Limfjord, and the second largest forest (Rold Forest) in Denmark, Aalborg is surrounded by plentiful and beautiful nature.

9: The happiest people in Europe

The citizens of Aalborg have several times been rated as the happiest people in Europe. 

10: Free business services

BusinessAalborg and Invest in Aalborg are your one-stop contacts with the City of Aalborg. Our main purpose is to make it easy to start and develop a business here. We connect international businesses with opportunities in Aalborg and provides the following services free of charge: 

  • Professional advice and insight
  • Qualification of your business case
  • Network and business contacts
  • Insight into localisation and recruitment
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