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Business services

BusinesssAalborg and Invest in Aalborg offer free professional advice and local insight to help international companies find the right business partners and/or investment opportunities in Aalborg.

If you're considering locating or expanding your business in Aalborg, we are ready to help you. Our main purpose is to create the best possible framework for business growth in Aalborg/North Denmark by making it easy to start up and develop a business. As such, we offer you:

Free professionel advice and insight

To facilitate your business success, we offer you customised support whether you're looking to establish a new company, expand your existing business, license new technologies, or acquire other companies. 

Qualification of business case

We can assist you with information and analyses to qualify your business case. We know the corporate world in North Denmark and can support you with business analyses and statistics, network, key contact persons, etc. As such, we help you save valuable time, speed up your decision-making process, and find the solution that suits you best.

Network and business contacts

When it comes to matchmaking, we can help you:

  • Find new potential business partners
  • Connect with local businesses to share knowledge
  • Establish contact with researchers and knowledge-based institutions
  • Refer you to professional, private consultants
  • Refer you to local authorities, business organisations, etc. 


Let us help you find the right employees for your business. 


We can assist you in finding the right location and property for your business. Aalborg has a variety of industrial and commercial areas, both south and north of the Limfjord. Most of the sites are well-connected to the motorway, airport, and port. 

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