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International relations

Aalborgs ambition is to strengthen international relations and cooperation through a broad range of international activities.

Aalborg - an international city

Aalborg's international vision is to develop an international city attracting international relations and cooperation. And our international principles focus on how international cooperation contributes to the development and growth of Aalborg. 

The international principles set the agenda for how we can become better and achieve more by actively engaging in international cooperation and relations, where it makes sense. Both internally and in cooperation with external partners.

Aalborg's International principles:

  • Better city
  • Better welfare
  • Better business

Aalborg - the 17 Sustainable Development Goals

Out of 100 climate solution examples from Danish cities, Aalborg takes part in 10. For example Green Agents, Green energy plan, Circular Economy and use of resources. Learn more about the 10 examples here

Regional cooperation

North Denmark EU-office

Together with Region North Jutland, the other municipalities in North Jutland and Aalborg Univercity, we are part of NorthDenmark EU-office. North Denmark EU office works to attract EU-funding to projects in North Jutland.

Learn more about North Denmark EU-office.

Business Region North Denmark

Together with the other municipalities in North Jutland we have formed Business Region North Denmark as a platform for cooperation on subjects of common interest. 

Learn more about Business Region North Denmark.

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