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International House North Denmark

International House North Denmark will serve the whole region of North Denmark and act as an "international one-stop-shop" for citizens, companies, and organisations.

Aalborg and North Denmark are becoming increasingly more globalised, and it is in our best interest as a city and as a region to embrace international enterprises, professionals and students from other countries.

We need a highly qualified and multi-talented workforce in our region, and it is important that we do our best to both attract and retain people who can provide local companies and organisations with the skills and experience they seek. These companies need the best staff in order to develop and compete on a global scale.

International workforce

An increasing number of local companies have customers abroad and export to global markets, while at the same time more and more companies in North Denmark have non-Danish owners.

In Aalborg, 7.6% of the workforce consists of non-Danish citizens, a proportion that has risen by 20% over the last three to four years. The city has also experienced a large increase in the number of international students coming to Aalborg to attend University College Nordjylland (UCN) and Aalborg University (AAU). There are currently around 4.000 international students attending these educational institutions in Aalborg. So how do we take advantage of this potential and best serve this community?

International one-stop-shop

In order to make Aalborg and North Denmark an attractive place to live, study and work, Aalborg municipality has pledged in its business plan for 2015-2018 to establish an international house. The responsibility of establishing the International house is project controlled by BusinessAalborg, which is supported by the Regionrådets udviklingsmidler in North Denmark (The Regional council's development fund).

International House North Denmark will serve the whole region of North Denmark and act as an "international one-stop-shop" for citizens, companies, and organisations. The House is located in the heart of Aalborg at Rantzausgade 4, and will be officially opening soon.

For International Citizens

International House North Denmark's purpose is to give internationals the best possible start to life in Aalborg and North Denmark. 

Moving to and settling in another country is not an easy process. There are many practical issues that can be difficult to manage when you do not know your way around, do not speak the language, and do not understand the local cultural norms. At International House North Denmark we can help you navigate around these problems as you begin your life here.


The House's staff will offer help with logistical issues that international residents face as well as plan and execute social and cultural activities. Our three main areas of assistance will be:

  • Jobseeking - help with preparing your CV for the Danish labour market, preparing for job interviews, etc.; special help for specific segments of the international community, such as students, spouses and unemployed expats. The two organisations responsible for this are the Jobcenter of Aalborg and WorkinDenmark.
  • Entrepreneurship - Do you wish to establish your own company? We have counsellors who can help you get started and provide advice on the ins and outs of being your own boss.
  • Culture and Leisure - Several social organisations reside at International House North. Denmark and are ready to help you integrate into the local community. They host social and cultural events, which give you an understanding of Danish culture and introduce you to what Aalborg and North Denmark has to offer.


We have been working to establish our centrally located International House North Denmark where all our services for international citizens - both logistical and social - will be offered. The philosophy behind International House North Denmark is that it should not only be a place where international citizens arrive to seek advice on jobseeking, but also a place where international residents and Danes alike from all of North Denmark can gather to meet, socialise and network.

To this end, International House North Denmark offers many types of events, some of which centre on residents' information needs and job-related topics, such as seminars about the Danish tax system, entrepreneurship in Denmark, and healthcare, as well as CV-writing tutorials and company visits, and others that have a social focus, such as bike tours, football tournaments, and food fairs etc.

For Companies

International House North Denmark will be implementing the following programs to assist North Danish businesses in engaging and retaining an international qualified workforce:

  • Innovation Global Agents
  • Spouse care
  • Market focus
  • Individual company seminars
  • Building of international contacts and networks
  • Training in globalization for Danish firms


International House North Denmark is a new initiative being developed through the Embrace project, which is run by Business Aalborg, a section of Aalborg Kommune (the municipality of Aalborg). The Embrace project focuses on attracting and retaining international talent to Aalborg and North Denmark.

Visit website for International House North Denmark 

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Contact secretariat

Lasse Frimand Jensen
Project leader
Phone 9931 1539 / 3199 0649


Rikke Skak Harboe
Communication coordinator
Phone 9931 1530


Stig Berg Norsk
Strategic coordinator
Phone: 9931 1510


Sarah Holsen

Project consultant
Phone 9931 1530